Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Thistle Printing, as a community conscious commercial printer, is dedicated to the preservation of our natural environment and the safeguarding of its employees. This commitment includes the setting of goals which encompass the tenets of this policy by:

  1. Setting environmental objectives and targets on a continuous basis and committing the resources to achieve them;
  2. Insuring that the aspects and impacts of our activities, products and services are part of an on going review and reduction process. This will include emissions to air, release to water, liquid, solid and hazardous wastes and the use of energy and raw materials;
  3. Ensuring that the environmental aspects and impacts of our activities, products and services are minimized and part of an ongoing review process;
  4. A commitment to the prevention of pollution through P2 assessments, continual monitoring of our processes, activities and products. We will minimize waste, especially hazardous waste by source reduction, reuse and recycling programs;
  5. Seek ways to improve our environmental performance and ensure a safe and healthy working environment;
  6. We shall maintain compliance with all applicable laws and regulations including the requirements of stakeholders or the special needs of our clients;
  7. Communicating to, and training its employees in sound environmental, health and safety practices;
  8. Minimizing the creation of waste, especially hazardous waste;
  9. This policy is available for public review. We shall communicate information on our environmental performance with our stakeholders at their request.