• Kerr McGovern

    23 years at Thistle

    I enjoy working with the staff, and the camaraderie makes the company a good place to work at. Our innovations and detail to Health and Safety and new equipment is ahead of the industry.

  • Kristine Hervias

    Customer Service Representative,
    5 years at Thistle

    I am privileged to be working alongside experts who have mastered the art of printing. Collectively, we persevere to complete each print job with pride.

  • Ken Woods

    Bindery Operator,
    13 years at Thistle

    The owners are continually looking for ways to improve the company so that we can have security in the future. The staff is a great group of people to work with.

  • Steve Todorow

    33 years at Thistle

    We take pride in our Environmental initiatives and our attention to improving Health and Safety standards on an ongoing basis. Our care and dedication to customers is our highest priority, and we want them to keep coming back. We always aim to deliver every job on time, and the customers expect that from us. We have always been reliable on delivery dates by either meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations.

  • Marisa MacDonald

    Customer Service Representative,
    33 years at Thistle

    I really value the friendships that I have developed with our clients. I've worked with some of the same clients for over 30 years and it’s really nice to see people keep coming back to work with us. I enjoy working at Thistle, it's like a family here.

  • Revere Toppin

    Bindery Assistant,
    5 years at Thistle

    I came over when Thistle acquired U of T Press. People help each other here, they don't hang you out to dry. We put the same care into all of our jobs no matter how big or small.

  • Glenn Waring

    Production Manager,
    5 years at Thistle

    I have worked with several printing companies before coming to Thistle, and my co-workers here are all a really great group of dedicated and professional people that know how to do their job from front to back.

  • Jerry Stevenson

    28 years at Thistle

    Thistle provides me with all the up-to-date tools I need to be able to do my work, allowing everything to go out the door on time and right the first time.

  • Suzanne Murphy

    Creative Design/Pre-Press,
    15 years at Thistle

    Thistle is a great place to work. Over my 15 years here, I’ve developed long term relationships with many of our clients. Every project is unique and I enjoy developing creative print solutions that fit within the clients’ culture and vision.

Our People

Our customers tell us that our employees are the key ingredient to our success.
The combination of their expertise and the newest technology results
in the best overall quality and service on every project.